Museum Collections

What is a Collections Search?

Museum Collections Search is any application for digitally searching a museum’s collection. This can be made available to the public or used by only the internal staff for curation, and can be made available to a selected professional or research audience. Collections Search adds tremendous value to the research community and is often in line with the educational mission of many museums.

Benefits of Collections Search

Enhancing your museum’s digital experience can have many benefits for the museum and the community it serves, like:

  • Expand your audience–reach people separated by distance or with limited physical mobility.
  • Enhance the experience of your existing audience.  
  • Increase interest and traffic to the museum’s site and physical collection.
  • Increase your museum’s value to the academic research community

Control of Access to Search

While the ability to search a museum collection for historic letters, photographs of items, and other catalog items is a way to bring immense value to the museum and the community that supports it, still intellectual property is an ongoing concern for curators within the museum community.  TNR Global recognizes this and has technologies to address access to material.   When setting up a search, ease of use or understanding and responsiveness are addressed, also issues of ownership or privacy all combine to determine the search technology chosen and how it is applied. The search realm and results can be tailored based on the user. By defining the audience (or audiences) for the collection and the search, we can structure the presentation of the results. The public view can be a more restricted display, while protected view and can be more expansive and detailed.

Our Technology

TNR Global uses open source search technology that works with most museum software systems and databases including the popular museum software product PastPerfect. We customize our search solution specifically for your collection and optimize search results for the most relevant results to queries.  

Why Choose Us?

TNR Global has a long history with the museum community.  Our CEO is Principal of the organization We Love Museums and is a member of dozens of museums worldwide.  He is involved with a number of archival and curatorial indexing projects.  He has merged his lifelong career in database and web technology with his passion for art, education, and history with creating a search solution to benefit museums and their patrons.  Contact us for an evaluation of your Museum Collection Search project today, or download out White Paper explaining more about the process.

Search System Design

Search is something you just expect the work. When you can’t get the results you or your customers need, business suffers. Search is a vital part of any business architecture and we have senior level expertise to design a solution that fits perfectly with your needs.

Backend Evaluation, Design and Implementation Engagement
A search solution needs to work with your website and your business rules. When it doesn’t you can’t realize the full power of what a search can do for your business. We work with your IT team leaders to evaluate your current systems and make recommendations to optimize your systems to their fullest potential. We can implement a search solution to break through information silos and empower employees with better information for business decision making. If your business is outside the firewall, we have experience building massive web portals and extracting relevant content from unstructured data sources to deliver the best results to your customers.

Why Choose Us
We have been search technology professionals for 12+ years.  We have experience with both commercial and open source search engines like Microsoft’s FAST ESP, and open source search technology Apache Lucene Solr. Because we are vendor neutral in terms of technology, we can fairly assess your situation and select a solution to best meet your needs. We specialize in turnkey solutions– crafting a solution that you can maintain without a lot of tweaking or support. 

What a Typical Engagement Looks Like
Each engagement begins with a well defined Statement of Work tailored to your project’s needs. Once the scope of the job is agreed upon, the engagement will kick off. We build in natural stopping points to take into account changes in the business landscape and allow you to assess the progress of the project. Depending upon the scope of the project, regularly scheduled communication is part of the project work. Once the project is complete, you will possess documentation, configuration, reporting and code artifacts. We endeavor to give our clients a turnkey solution that they can manage in house. If technical support is something you need, we can craft a support agreement that will ensure the ongoing success of your project.

Our Services for System Design and Architecture include:
    • Design, architecture, and development of custom search solutions
    • Consulting around architecture design, best practices, scaling, performance, tuning, hardware requirements, and related expertise
    • Related searches, database indexing, vertical search engines, custom scoring/ranking, etc.
    • Performance troubleshooting (slow queries, high memory usage)
    • Database and file-system indexing, web crawling and searching
    • Document parsing and information extraction
    • Large-scale indexing and searching, distributed search
Contact us for a free initial consultation on your project. We can identify what kind of technology will work best for your business and give you the best possible results.

Enterprise Search Usability

Search needs to be easy to use if you expect your end users to benefit from it. 

A few examples of usability:

  • A query/search field needs to be clearly visible on the page where users are prompted to search for information.
  • If a query returns too many results to be useful, the user can choose to ‘drill down’ to the essentials. They can limit the search to English language documents, or document created in the past 30 days, or documents only from the finance department. Custom qualifiers can be defined.
  • When a search for ‘doors’ returns thousands of results, a navigation tool on the side will provide helpful links to the different categories – aluminum doors, wooden doors, folding doors, garage doors, etc. When you choose aluminum doors from the list, the next menu allows you to limit results by size of door, by manufacturer, by location, etc.
  • Pre-defined searches can automatically check new data and send an email to the user, or an alert to a mobile phone.

With so many features available, it is vital to implement a customized enterprise search solution based on an in-depth study of your needs. TNR Global engineers can help you at any stage of development: selecting between proprietary vendors and open source solutions, hardware options and level of upgrades.

Consulting Services

Search expertise is hard to find. Depending upon the scope of your project, you may need a search professional for a few days or a team for a soup to nuts evaluation and implementation. Whatever your needs, we have a consulting engagement that fits. Our experienced search architects, engineers and developers can assist with projects large and small. While we specialize in small to mid sized companies, we have experience building a search solution for a portal with 40 million pages of faceted content demanding domain expertise. When you need experts with experience and confidence to evaluate what you need and implement a solution, we can help.

Search Evaluation, Audits, and Upgrades

How is your current search solution working? Sluggish performance, irrelevant results, or worse, no results mean you have a problem with search. You need to know what the problem is before it can be repaired. We perform a full audit and evaluation of your current solution and make recommendations for upgrades or tuning. 

Selecting a search platform is a big decision. You may already have a solution in place that is ineffective and you need a change. But what’s not working, and why? Which search engine is best for my needs? We perform an audit and full evaluation of your current search architecture and report our recommendations for optimizing what you already have, and list attributes of alternative technologies like Solr, LucidWorks Enterprise, ElasticSearch, SearchBlox or other solutions. Our full evaluation includes:

  1. Audit of existing enterprise search solution and evaluation of available options for improvement.
  2. Report recommendations and options.
  3. Migration Plan for migration or improvement. At the end of the engagement, our software developer will provide a step by step plan on what needs to be done to migrate to a search solution that supports your business goals and needs.
  4. Upgrade your version of Solr for better functionality in your search engine.

Our audits are conducted by one of our senior software developers and take place over a 3 day period. We will interview relevant staff members to gain valuable insights to pain points on performance. Our developer will access your back-end systems and review the following areas:

  1. Full review of systems environment and specifications, matched to systems currently running
  2. Discover known performance issues
  3. Review system logs
  4. Test live system
  5. Review results of testing, and make adjustments to current environment
  6. Examine best solution and match with current environment if possible
  7. Make recommendations for action plan to transition to new solution
  8. Recommend any necessary hardware or software upgrades

 Contact us for a free initial consultation on your project.


Our software developers can assist you in implementing new technology to upgrade or replace your current search solution. We work with organizations of all sizes to create a search solution that integrates tightly with the organization’s workflows and business rules. Whether your organization is a small to mid sized business, a start-up in need of robust technology, or a large organization in need of search for many terabytes of data–TNR has direct experience with each type of client. We can help with a partial or a full implementation of new search technology to bring your information technology to the highest possible level of performance.

    Services and Solutions

    We can step in at any point during the implementation cycle of a scalable web site or web application. We provide enterprise search implementation and consulting services throughout the entire development cycle.

    • Design, architecture, development, and implementation of custom search solutions
    • Consulting for planning and best practices for search implementation
    • Scaling, performance optimization, and tuning of search systems
    • Development of vertical search engines
    • Database and file-system indexing, web crawling, and searching
    • Structured and unstructured content indexing, custom scoring/ranking, identifying related searches
    • Large-scale indexing and searching, distributed search
    • Performance troubleshooting (slow queries, high memory usage)
    • Document parsing and information extraction
    • Crawling web resources: CMS based sites, blogs, forums, static html, PDFs, docs
    • Content processing and conversion
    • Content enhancement and extraction
    • PDF search results by page, multi-page indexing, and multi-page image caching
    • Search and database integration

    See details about our services in each of the ares of our expertise:

    We are committed to making the most of your investment in IT by skillfully integrating existing systems with new applications.

    IBM OmniFind


    IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition powers secure intranets, corporate public Web sites,  and information extraction applications.  The IBM OmniFind family of products includes IBM OmniFind Analytics Edition, Discovery Edition, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Starter Edition, and Yahoo! Edition. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is a free (no licensing fees) entry-level enterprise search solution that provides a low cost way to start implementing enterprise search in your organization.

    TNR developed an enterprise search component for the open source Joomla! content management system. The TNR ESearch Component integrates IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition with Joomla! based websites. The component is designed to provide enterprise search for an intranet or extranet, as well as corporate information to clients visiting a public website. In addition to providing this component under the GPL license to the larger community, TNR has implemented ESearch at a number of public websites, including the website of Arbor Networks, a global provider of solutions for network security and visibility.
    See an example of the IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition search implementation by TNR Global at Arbor Networks.

    TNR Global

    TNR Global is a systems design and integration company focused on providing customers effective search and cloud computing solutions. We develop scalable web-based search solutions focusing on news sites, publishing, web directories and catalogs, information portals, education, manufacturing and distribution, customer service, and life sciences.

    Lucene Solr

    solr_FC1Solr is an open source high performance, scalable, cross-platform search engine. Solr has features which were once only found in commercial offerings.


    We work with Lucene Solr, a Java-based open source search library, to power search for web sites.

    • Automatic replication for large installations with distributed search
    • Java-API (SolrJ)
    • Conversion of Office-documents
    • Full faceted search
    • Advanced tokenization, highlighting and stemming


    With open source solutions, there are no licensing fees, and the technology can be customized to meet your specific needs. Solr powers search for large commercial organizations including sites at eBay, MTV Networks, Netflix, CNET, and Zappos.

    We leverage the power of Lucene Solr combined with the latest content enhancement approaches to provide more diversified search service offerings for clients.

    Years of hands-on experience gives us an advantage; we understand  the subtle nuances of the data.