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TNR Global works with vendors and web developers to provide enterprise search solutions and related web applications to your clients. If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities, please e-mail partners@tnrglobal.com.



LucidWorks (formally Lucid Imagination) delivers enterprise-grade search development platforms built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source search.

FAST Search


We partner with FAST Search and Transfer, a leader in the Enterprise Search market, to implement customized search applications for your business.


logo-twigkit-light_1We partnered with TwigKit to bring beautiful and functional user interface design to the front end to our search solutions including FAST and Solr search platforms

IBM Business Partner logo_ibm

IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition powers secure intranets, corporate public Web sites, and information extraction applications.


creative media group logo

Creative Media Group, Inc. (CMG) provides e-commerce and information management solution. We partner with CMG to implement the most comprehensive industrial search engine in the market.

Open Source Technologies

TNR Global has years of experience in successful open source search implementations.  There are no licensing fees, but considerable implementation resources may be involved.

Lucene lucene logo Solr apache_solr_ logo
Nutch nutch logo SWISH-E swish-e logo
Lemur/Indri logo_lemur_sm OpenFTS openfts logo

We implement our projects based primarily on open source technologies including – Redhat, Mysql, Apache, and PHP.

logo_redhat logo_linux logo_apache2 logo_mysql logo_php


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