Search System Design

Search is something you just expect the work. When you can’t get the results you or your customers need, business suffers. Search is a vital part of any business architecture and we have senior level expertise to design a solution that fits perfectly with your needs.

Backend Evaluation, Design and Implementation Engagement
A search solution needs to work with your website and your business rules. When it doesn’t you can’t realize the full power of what a search can do for your business. We work with your IT team leaders to evaluate your current systems and make recommendations to optimize your systems to their fullest potential. We can implement a search solution to break through information silos and empower employees with better information for business decision making. If your business is outside the firewall, we have experience building massive web portals and extracting relevant content from unstructured data sources to deliver the best results to your customers.

Why Choose Us
We have been search technology professionals for 12+ years.  We have experience with both commercial and open source search engines like Microsoft’s FAST ESP, and open source search technology Apache Lucene Solr. Because we are vendor neutral in terms of technology, we can fairly assess your situation and select a solution to best meet your needs. We specialize in turnkey solutions– crafting a solution that you can maintain without a lot of tweaking or support. 

What a Typical Engagement Looks Like
Each engagement begins with a well defined Statement of Work tailored to your project’s needs. Once the scope of the job is agreed upon, the engagement will kick off. We build in natural stopping points to take into account changes in the business landscape and allow you to assess the progress of the project. Depending upon the scope of the project, regularly scheduled communication is part of the project work. Once the project is complete, you will possess documentation, configuration, reporting and code artifacts. We endeavor to give our clients a turnkey solution that they can manage in house. If technical support is something you need, we can craft a support agreement that will ensure the ongoing success of your project.

Our Services for System Design and Architecture include:
    • Design, architecture, and development of custom search solutions
    • Consulting around architecture design, best practices, scaling, performance, tuning, hardware requirements, and related expertise
    • Related searches, database indexing, vertical search engines, custom scoring/ranking, etc.
    • Performance troubleshooting (slow queries, high memory usage)
    • Database and file-system indexing, web crawling and searching
    • Document parsing and information extraction
    • Large-scale indexing and searching, distributed search
Contact us for a free initial consultation on your project. We can identify what kind of technology will work best for your business and give you the best possible results.

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