Consultations for Start Ups

You have a million dollar idea. You’ve found a need in the marketplace and found the perfect solution to meet that need. The problem is that your solution is in your head, and you don’t have the background to make it real on your own. That’s where we can help. We are entrepreneurs at heart and in life. Many of us have been down the start-up path and understand how energizing and personal ideas can be. The first steps you need to take to make that idea a reality are crucial. Research, planning and design are time consuming and if you aren’t familiar with the technology, they can be overwhelming. Our team of tech professionals can lay the groundwork for your success by architecting a solution for you using the best tools, the most powerful technologies, and planning for the growth that comes with success.

The Dream Design Consultation
A Dream Design Consultation begins with meeting your team and listening to your vision of a successful idea. We take that information and with you, we move beyond a Proof of Concept and flesh out the details of functionality, scope and sophistication. We do the research, the planning, and technology design that accomplishes the goals you set for your idea. At the end of the engagement, you leave with an actionable design in hand: a road map to building your idea into a reality.

Why Choose Us
Innovation is our drug of choice. We are passionate about ideas and enjoy the challenge of crafting solutions that solve problems for people. Every stakeholder at TNR Global has experienced the excitement of being at the helm of a start up, and we feel we are uniquely qualified to assist in the incubation of start ups and the stewardship of new ideas. We’re a little soft for start ups, because we see so much of ourselves in fellow start up folks.

What a Dream Design Consultation Looks Like
A Dream Design typically kicks off with a 3-5 hour face to face meeting with the stakeholders of your team. We’ll already have a general idea of what you want to accomplish when we start, and we’ll have some idea about your existing technology, but at kick off, we do a complete audit of your systems, and drill down on the many facets and details of what right looks like for your idea. With you, we sketch out an architecture and design in broad strokes to include functionality, sophistication, relevancy and look. After our initial meeting, we return to our offices and craft a more granular plan.

A Dream Design Consultation is tailored to your needs depending upon the depth and breadth of your project idea. Usually, a Dream Design Consultation lasts about two weeks and consists of 10-20 hours of design work. At the end of the engagement, you will have a formal structure and methodology. You will have an actionable project plan with defined requirements outlined into a functional specification that is ready to be taken to the next level of realization. Contact us to discuss your dream design consultation.

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