Services and Solutions

We can step in at any point during the implementation cycle of a scalable web site or web application. We provide enterprise search implementation and consulting services throughout the entire development cycle.

  • Design, architecture, development, and implementation of custom search solutions
  • Consulting for planning and best practices for search implementation
  • Scaling, performance optimization, and tuning of search systems
  • Development of vertical search engines
  • Database and file-system indexing, web crawling, and searching
  • Structured and unstructured content indexing, custom scoring/ranking, identifying related searches
  • Large-scale indexing and searching, distributed search
  • Performance troubleshooting (slow queries, high memory usage)
  • Document parsing and information extraction
  • Crawling web resources: CMS based sites, blogs, forums, static html, PDFs, docs
  • Content processing and conversion
  • Content enhancement and extraction
  • PDF search results by page, multi-page indexing, and multi-page image caching
  • Search and database integration

See details about our services in each of the ares of our expertise:

We are committed to making the most of your investment in IT by skillfully integrating existing systems with new applications.

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