Business Intelligence

Businesses need every competitive advantage they can get in this difficult marketplace. We use search technologies to extract valuable information buried in massive data sets to give business leaders the intelligence they need to make important stratgic decisions. We have procedural and administrative expertise to build and scale systems that can handle many terabytes of data. Our analytics tools overcome the complexity of massive data sets and the intricates of Hadoop to allow non technical business managers to extract the data they need. We integrate technologies to grow in step with content growth, building scalable business intelligence solutions. We utilized JasperReports to produce beautiful, colorful, readable reports. Harass the power of Big Data with a custom solution designed by our team of software engineers and developers specifically for your business needs. We can help you unlock the power inside the data. Contact us to learn more about using BI to advance your competitve advantage.

Big Data

Big Data is data that has outgrown the processing capacity of traditional database systems. It is data that is too big, moves too fast, or cannot be contained within your database architectures. But Big Data has immense value, because of the information trapped inside. To leverage this value and unlock the data’s potential,  it must be processed differently to extract meaningful information.

Our software engineers have experience working with datasets containing several terrabytes of data. We use technologies like Hadoop and HBase to process this data and indexers like Solr and ElasticSearch with JSON to index and extract meaningfull information from enormous data sets.  Combining these technologies creates a search engine that powers discovery, business intelligence, and analytics.

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Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing offers application vendors, publishers and researchers augmented capacity and an exceptional platform for testing, development and one-off projects, web based applications, parallel or very large batch jobs, scientific computing, and rich media processing.


Benchmarking and prototyping in a properly sized, dedicated environment supports agile development for faster time to market. Because the service is on demand, you can start trying your ideas immediately without needing to fully understand the size and scope of the finished product. It will change the way you work.


Cloud Computing offers the ability to massively scale-up or scale-down the dedicated resources to handle large user volumes, seasonal fluctuations in demand or a large one-time computation. It eliminates the need to plan for maximum capacity in advance and allows applications to programmatically add or remove nodes as needed.

No capital expenditure:

Explore your needs before investing in infrastructure. Computational infrastructure as an operational expense allows for significantly faster deployments and exactly enough capacity for your present needs and your future growth.  With the new technology, application vendors can offer faster deployments to their customers and researchers can get faster results without needing months to go through a full cycle of hardware specifications, procurement, and configuration at internal or third party data centers.

Pay-as-you-go pricing:

Allows you to pay only for what you use. Billing for computation resources can be directly and appropriately attributed to the correct customer, project or grant.


Ability to configure an easily deployable, reproducible and shareable computational environment accessible from anywhere in the world from a web browser.

Supports risk-taking:

Eliminates the concern of bringing down the machine or blocking the higher priority work of others. Ability to provide an isolated, temporary development environment for new team members to get up to speed or run new software through rigorous and resource intensive testing.


Cloud computing uses servers that can be located anywhere in the world to take advantage of renewable energy sources and lower cooling requirements. Shared physical hardware and right-sized machine resource allocation mean less excess capacity consuming energy.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization for Big Data

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Services

TNR Global offers different cloud computing and virtualization solutions depending upon your needs. Whether you run your own data center, or want to run on hosted infrastructure services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Rackspace Hosting, we can assist in assessing costs and performing migrations to the cloud. We have the expertise to leverage the full spectrum of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace to work for small and mid-sized businesses, laboratories and organizations.  We have over 4 years of experience in cloud computing platforms. Our extensive knowledge of the AWS platform and tools allows you to avoid costly mistakes and false starts, getting you up and running quickly, securely and scaled just right.


We can help you improve your IT infrastructure with a Virtualization Platform.  Virtualization reduces expense, consolidates servers, reduces overall downtime, and improves efficiencies through automation.  We use Open VZ, Virtuozzo, Xen and Eucalyptus virtaulization technologies to streamline your IT department.


We create a cloud computing environment tailored to the requirements of your application or development needs. We specialize in methodologies and tools that help in migration, porting, testing, and emulating systems in the cloud.

Custom AMIs:

TNR Global can create your own Custom Amazon Machine Image that will wrap your operating system, domain specific tools and applications, and shared data in one easily deployable package.

IT Outsourcing:

At TNR Global we believe in freeing innovators to innovate. Our deployment and maintenance services allow businesses and laboratories of any size to utilize highly secure, enterprise quality, massively scalable IT infrastructure and experienced, dedicated and available staff.

Consulting Services:

  • cost comparisons and risk assessment for application hosting: ‘in the cloud’ vs. traditional data centers
  • security audits
  • suggestions for integration and best use of new services from AWS including ingestion and structure of your data
  • solutions specifications development
  • solutions implementation

Contact us for a free consultation.

Since the fall of 2007, TNR Global has been working with Amazon Web Services and specifically Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services to help mid-sized companies leverage the benefits of the cloud computing platform. Cloud computing offers application vendors, publishers, and researchers increased agility/time to market, elasticity, minimal capital expenditure, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

TNR Global specializes in methodologies and tools that help in migration, porting, testing and emulating applications in the cloud.

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We offer expertise on the full spectrum of services related to Amazon Web Services.  Our experts will work with you to provide cost comparisons and risk assessment for application hosting ‘in the cloud’ versus traditional data centers for ongoing deployment, shorter-term prototyping or even one-time computations.   If it is determined that AWS is the best alternative, we provide efficient, secure, cost-effective and properly scaled configuration, creation, and deployment of application platforms using the full range of AWS offerings. Our expertise in building custom images on EC2 allows us to offer unique solutions tailored for each customer.

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Cloud Computing Applications

Where cloud computing is most beneficial:

  • Development, testing, staging / augmented capacity
  • Web based applications
  • Batch jobs
  • Scientific computing
  • Rich media processing

With cloud computing technology, application vendors can offer faster deployments for their customers without needing months to go through a full cycle of hardware specifications, procurement, and configuration at internal and third party data centers.