Upgrading PHP

Still adding to:

Upgrading from php v5.x to v7.x can be a problem, esp with plugins and themes not under your detailed control.

    Two issues in using the plugin:

  • The plugin installs the full tester, which means 10 meg and 1,082 files per WP install
  • It runs much better if called from a shell (or ssh) login using WP-CLI

    More comments for running phpcs:

  • More use details:Usage
    Php fixes that might be expected

  • database mysql_X functions is not expected, change to mysqli – most functions match except that the link returned from the mysqli_connect, the connect has a different in the port passed on the host string vs optional parameter.
  • Class functions constructor changed from same name as class to __construct
  • Create_function changed autonomous function.

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