Industries We Work With

TNR Global works with data and content intensive websites for companies and organizations in the following industries: News Sites, Publishing, Web Directories, Information Portals, Web Catalogs, Education, Manufacturing and Distribution, Customer Service, and Life Sciences.

We offer enterprise search consulting and integration services for:

  • Vertical search engines, web-based directories, information portals
  • News sites, large blogs, content intensive websites
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) application developers and startups
  • Current Lucene Solr users and application developers
  • Current Linux based FAST ESP users and integrators
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) administrators
  • Corporate data administrators, HR Departments
  • Web-based customer support centers

Publishing, Online Directories, News Sites, Information Portals

TNR Global helps you move from print to web, or to improve your online directory search. See example of our work with a large publishing company.  We use powerful technology that supports faceted search, relevancy tuning, and natural language processing to deliver smart, relevant results.


We help colleges and universities implement enterprise search to manage academic content, online course content, journals, multi-college consortiums and research centers, as well as coordinate student information. See
example of our work with a large state university.

Web Support Functions

With enterprise search, we help improve web based customer support and reduce costs. Customers can find the support answers they need quickly, without the assistance of a customer service representative.

HR Departments and Recruiting Companies

We design search systems for managing resumes and human resources information. See example of our work with a large recruiting company.

Manufacturing and Distribution

With enterprise search, we help manufacturers and distributors access product information, manuals and corporate knowledge resources to bring answers to your staff across diciplines and across borders.

Life Sciences

Our experienced Systems Administrators can put the massively scaleable computing and storage resources of the Amazon cloud to work for small laboratories and start-up companies.

Internet System Integrators

We also work with system integration companies to develop enterprise search portals and related web applications for their clients.
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