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Search expertise is hard to find. Depending upon the scope of your project, you may need a search professional for a few days or a team for a soup to nuts evaluation and implementation. Whatever your needs, we have a consulting engagement that fits. Our experienced search architects, engineers and developers can assist with projects large and small. While we specialize in small to mid sized companies, we have experience building a search solution for a portal with 40 million pages of faceted content demanding domain expertise. When you need experts with experience and confidence to evaluate what you need and implement a solution, we can help.

Search Evaluation, Audits, and Upgrades

How is your current search solution working? Sluggish performance, irrelevant results, or worse, no results mean you have a problem with search. You need to know what the problem is before it can be repaired. We perform a full audit and evaluation of your current solution and make recommendations for upgrades or tuning. 

Selecting a search platform is a big decision. You may already have a solution in place that is ineffective and you need a change. But what’s not working, and why? Which search engine is best for my needs? We perform an audit and full evaluation of your current search architecture and report our recommendations for optimizing what you already have, and list attributes of alternative technologies like Solr, LucidWorks Enterprise, ElasticSearch, SearchBlox or other solutions. Our full evaluation includes:

  1. Audit of existing enterprise search solution and evaluation of available options for improvement.
  2. Report recommendations and options.
  3. Migration Plan for migration or improvement. At the end of the engagement, our software developer will provide a step by step plan on what needs to be done to migrate to a search solution that supports your business goals and needs.
  4. Upgrade your version of Solr for better functionality in your search engine.

Our audits are conducted by one of our senior software developers and take place over a 3 day period. We will interview relevant staff members to gain valuable insights to pain points on performance. Our developer will access your back-end systems and review the following areas:

  1. Full review of systems environment and specifications, matched to systems currently running
  2. Discover known performance issues
  3. Review system logs
  4. Test live system
  5. Review results of testing, and make adjustments to current environment
  6. Examine best solution and match with current environment if possible
  7. Make recommendations for action plan to transition to new solution
  8. Recommend any necessary hardware or software upgrades

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Our software developers can assist you in implementing new technology to upgrade or replace your current search solution. We work with organizations of all sizes to create a search solution that integrates tightly with the organization’s workflows and business rules. Whether your organization is a small to mid sized business, a start-up in need of robust technology, or a large organization in need of search for many terabytes of data–TNR has direct experience with each type of client. We can help with a partial or a full implementation of new search technology to bring your information technology to the highest possible level of performance.

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