Enterprise Search Usability

Search needs to be easy to use if you expect your end users to benefit from it. 

A few examples of usability:

  • A query/search field needs to be clearly visible on the page where users are prompted to search for information.
  • If a query returns too many results to be useful, the user can choose to ‘drill down’ to the essentials. They can limit the search to English language documents, or document created in the past 30 days, or documents only from the finance department. Custom qualifiers can be defined.
  • When a search for ‘doors’ returns thousands of results, a navigation tool on the side will provide helpful links to the different categories – aluminum doors, wooden doors, folding doors, garage doors, etc. When you choose aluminum doors from the list, the next menu allows you to limit results by size of door, by manufacturer, by location, etc.
  • Pre-defined searches can automatically check new data and send an email to the user, or an alert to a mobile phone.

With so many features available, it is vital to implement a customized enterprise search solution based on an in-depth study of your needs. TNR Global engineers can help you at any stage of development: selecting between proprietary vendors and open source solutions, hardware options and level of upgrades.

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