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If you had a web site with Thomas,  that you have not renewed with Thomas and want to keep active:

What is this all about ?

If you have been sent here by a fax from us, someone else handling your domain or someone from Thomas and are not fully sure what you need to do, you are at the right place.
The key aspect of this process is that a domain name is legal property and our job is to make sure that you, as owner, are protected.
PLEASE read carefully and then provide the requested information – if you have questions, ask questions using our contact form. — please do not call on the phone until you have followed the steps, we have tried to cover all requirements first, to eliminate confusion and speed the process for everyone.
This process is only if you want to move from a Thomas web hosting offering to your own. Do NOT proceed if you what to continue to use Thomas hosting and that includes Thomas Web. If you want Thomas hosting and if you have been told by someone at Thomas to come here – email their contact information to us so we can correct what you have been told.

To make changes to your Domain:
Please follow these steps:
You have had a arrangement with Thomas where they registered your domain name, with us as domain registrar. For you to have direct control, we need proper legal documentation as to your company’s indentity.
You need to provide us with an email with your various current contact information.
No domain changes can be made until the domain is current, and if it has expired it needs to renewed.
While this is all being properly handled, if you have a new web site bring live, this will provide us with the information needed to do this.
Read here for details on what these really mean and what must be done if they are what is needed.
Thank you for your continued business.

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