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1. Legally confirm your ownership of this Domain:
Please send a fax (or mail) on company letterhead of web site owner as listed below.
Owning a domain name is just like a driver license or a trademark, it is a legal agreement that gives rights over a piece of property, in this case, intellectual property, a name. Operations on that agreement must be done by the owner of the domain name using legally verifiable means. Once done, email can be used to give directions or to delegate someone else to take certain actions. (Consider this as a method to prevent a form of identify theft.)
Note: this requirement is for your own protection as domain owner.
Providing such documentation improperly would be fraud, thereby giving you the recourse to reverse and recover improper changes from the requester.
Your domain name:
Effective Date: 
Your name: 
Your phone number:
Your Email address: 
You no longer want a web site from Thomas 
Who is to have responsibility for the company site: Name, phone and email
The fax must be signed by the owner of the company or responsible officer.
Send the fax to: 617-449-9544
Mail the letter to: TnR Global, Box 550, Greenfield, MA 01302
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