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What is a Domain Name ?
A domain name is the basis for naming web sites and all other internet services. It is NOT a web site name or a URL – is our website but is a domain name.
Domain names are registered in a ‘doman name registry’ for legal purposes and recorded in the ‘domain name system’ for computer access over the internet.
Understanding Domain Renewal:
The Internet domain system charges a yearly fee for all domains, the exact amount is determined by the registrar. Your domain was initially paid for as part of your advertising contract with Thomas and that payment continues while you have an agreement with them. Once you cancel that agreement, you are responsible for that payment, and it must be made to TnR Global as your RSP (Registration Service Provider).
About Domain ‘Transfers’:
Just about every request we get from a new contact is to ‘transfer the domain’ or ‘get control of my domain’. This is rarely what you need. It is a general purpose phrase used because you haven’t determined what you really need yet or, have been given incorrect information.
If we have your domain name is in our database, it is being properly managed and we can help you define and do what you need.
Real goals:
– Renew my domain.
– Define email server to handle email for my domain.
– Define new web server. 
– Define new name server so my new ISP can provide email and a web site.
Domains can not be transfered unless they are currently renewed.
The actual domain transfer process is explained here
Thank you for your continued business.

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