Cloud Enabled Personalized Genomics

Focus on expertise, available, on-demand resources, and the agility to experiment with big ideas will continue to draw some personal genomics researchers to public cloud computing.

Personalized medicine is a goal of the Department of Health and Human Services. It is a driver of genomic research. It is one version of the future of medicine, using our unique genetic code toward the prevention of disease and the use of more effective or safer tailored drug therapies. Cloud computing enables access to the computational resources needed, on demand, for the data analysis needed to lay the groundwork for revolution in health care. Continue reading “Cloud Enabled Personalized Genomics”

AMIs for Bioinformatics on AWS

Bio-Linux and other bioinformatics tools available for EC2, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, were recently highlighted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog. Customized Amazon machine images (AMIs) allow for the packaging and rapid, web based deployment of the data sets and tools needed for these specialized tasks. Because AMIs can be saved, reproducing past results is simplified and because these can also be shared, the computation environment of a particular analysis can be easily replicated both from within and outside your organization.

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