Reusing computers for Chromebook

We have reinstalled a number of Dell laptops to be chromebooks. We have found many corporations have machines taken out of services, however they need to have the harddisks wiped for security reasons.

SO we have written up a process that clears the hard drive and configures the machines that kids can use in school where many are using Google Classroom on Chrome books. Note: There is a while discussion about what to use, Chromebook-like ChromeOS or a windows like Linux like Mint. These instructions are for ChromeOS. The install can use any system.

Get thumb drive install:
Create 2 thumb drives, 8 gig each (smaller is ok for some)
	1) Bootcd:
		Where it says Filename	HBCD_PE_x64.iso
	2) Neverware:
		Home version:
			Download the zip file
Extract the bin file and rename to .iso
To create a thumb drive for each, use Rufus to create a bootable thumb drive from the ISO file


Starting PC:
	Dell: press f12 when dell logo appears
	Goes into rom menu
	Set boot to be USB, then hard drive

Reboot to purge hard drive, using:
		3) Folder: Utilities/Hard Disk Tools/Security - 
Run HDD Low Level Format - select HD and run full format (few hrs)
	4) Utilitles/Hard Disk Tools/AOMEI Partition Assistant 
Reset MBR
Default partition

Reboot to create bootable ChromeOS using:
Neverware ChromeOS
	Click time clock on lower right
	Select ‘install OS’

Reboot for regular booting setup to rom menu
	Select boot option
	Change mode to UEFI
	Select HD boot.

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