ZIP: flamingo Download /* Plugin Name: Flamingo Description: A trustworthy message storage plugin for Contact Form 7. Author: Takayuki Miyoshi Text Domain: flamingo Domain Path: /languages/ Version: 2.2 */
ZIP: oursites Download /** * * Plugin Name: Our Sites Widget * Description: Easy list of our web sites * * Base from Redrokk * Duplicate this file as many times as you would like, just be sure to change the * Empty_Widget class name to a custom name of your choice. Have fun! * Single Widget Class handles all of the widget responsibility, all that you need to do is create the html. Just use Find/Replace on the Contact_RedRokk_Widget keyword to rebrand this class for your needs. * * Author: Rich Roth - tnrglobal * Version: 1.0.1 * Author URI: */
ZIP: scuttle Download /* Plugin Name: scuttle widget Description: Adds a sidebar widget or shortcode to display delicious links, Shortcode is: [scuttle tags=".." [count=##] [name="..."] ] Author: Rich Roth Version: 1.3.3 Author URI: */