TNR Global Helps Northampton’s Myers Information Systems Streamline Systems in the Cloud

by Karen Lynn

Hadley, MA–March 27, 2012–TNR Global announced today the successful completion of a cloud based solution for Northampton headquartered broadcasting communications company Myers Information Systems.

Myers engaged with TNR to move their systems into the cloud to improve their technical agility as well as to improve security, redundancy and promote these improvements to potential customers.

“As we set out to upgrade our existing application hosting service (ProHost), we prioritized the need to adopt the highest levels of security protocols. In addition, we sought to streamline the technology stack so that transaction speeds could be optimized while at the same time set-up and annual maintenance costs reduced. Our clients count on us to be proactive when it comes to adopting new standards and technology…not only to modernize our offerings over time but to increase productivity and lower operating expenses on their end as well.” said Crist Myers, President and CEO of Myers Information Systems.

Cloud based solutions for businesses have been growing rapidly over the last 3 years. Cloud technology offers increased flexibility, elasticity and scalability which allow businesses to maximize efficiencies to serve the needs of the business. Using the cloud in combination with virtualization techniques, businesses like Myers Information Systems can leverage rapid deployments and hardware efficiencies. Companies can get more value from every server by increasing the utilization rate of their servers, drastically reducing the number of servers they need to purchase and manage.

TNR was tasked to provide an assessment of Myers systems, give recommendations based upon their needs, and to provide reference implementation and documentation.

“We created a reference system and the documentation to allow them to deploy their own systems based on that reference by using Open Stack and Rackspace Cloud” said Michael Klatsky, the VP of Systems Administration and technical lead on the project from TNR Global.

As a result they can rapidly launch a new system for a client with all the tools they need in place and they have enhanced disaster recovery capability. This allows Myers to be agile in a more secure environment, and leave them better equipped to respond to their rapidly expanding market in broadcasting.

“Myers had been relying on physical servers housed locally or on site. With this cloud based virtualization, they will be able to save money and quickly deploy additional servers based in the cloud to service new clients immediately.” said Klatsky.

“TNR Global did an outstanding job and we were impressed with their professionalism, industry knowledge and fee structure. We would certainly recommend them to anyone who was seeking to improve their enterprise search and/or cloud computing solutions.” said Myers.

TNR Global (TNR) is a systems design and integration company focused on enterprise search and cloud computing solutions. TNR develops scalable web-based search solutions for content intensive websites for companies and organizations in the following industries: News Sites, Publishing, Web Directories, Information Portals, Web Catalogs, Education, Manufacturing and Distribution, Customer Service, and Life Sciences. For more information, please visit:

Myers Information Systems, Inc. has been developing broadcast management software since 1989. The Company provides technology and services for television, radio and other digital media providers designed to improve every aspect of their operations, from media management to scheduling, and from trafficking to reconciliation. For more information, please visit:


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TNR Global to be Gold Sponsors of Lucene Revolution 2012 Boston

by Karen Lynn

Hadley, MA–March 26, 2012 TNR Global announced today that they will be sponsoring the Lucene Revolution Boston this year held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA.

“We are thrilled to be Gold Sponsors at Lucene Revolution.” said Karen E. Lynn, Director of Business Development.  ”TNR Global has been supporters of Apache Lucene/Solr for three years now and we are excited to be a part of the Solr community.”

The conference, which is the largest conference dedicated to Apache Lucene/Solr open-source search technology community, is in it’s 3rd year.  TNR has sponsored the conference beginning in 2010.  The conference will attract 400+ attendees and will offer training, presentations, trade show, and opportunities to socialize with the vibrant Lucene Solr community.

The conference will be held May 7-10, 2012

TNR invites all attendees to stop by the conference table to sign up for the free White Paper on one of our primary focuses:  Migrating from Fast ESP to Apache Lucene Solr.  Meet one of the authors of the paper and discuss the ways Lucene Solr can power search in the organization.  Representatives from TNR will be on hand to meet, chat, and discuss the many advantages of Solr for search.

“We’re looking forward to meeting others in the Solr community.  We expect the conference to be one of the high points of our year.” said Lynn.

For Many Companies, Migration to a New Search Engine is Inevitable

by Karen Lynn

HADLEY, MA– March 12, 2012

In the world of Enterprise Search, everything is changing.  Companies who have been using Microsoft’s internal search engine, FAST Enterprise Search Platform, will be forced to make a change as Microsoft discontinues support for the search platform for companies using Linux as their operating system.  Anticipating the need for a solution, local technology consultants TNR Global is pleased to announce the release of a White Paper for migrating off FAST ESP to a new search engine, Solr.  The paper is titled Bridging the Gap: A Migration Path from Fast ESP to Apache Solr.

This effort began last October when TNR Global presented on the subject of migration from FAST to Solr at the open source conference, Apache Lucene Eurocon in Barcelona, Spain. The paper contains a case study with architecture overview, loading millions of documents into Solr indexes, evaluation and recommendation of tools to bridge the feature gap, migrating custom pipeline code, and the vastly improved ROI after implementation.  “It’s basically a road map for companies looking at options for migration, and we outline Solr as a very good option” said Karen E. Lynn, Director of Business Development.

“We have spent over 9 years working with the FAST ESP product and we understand the nuances of what customers have come to expect from the technology. We’ve identified Solr as a top choice for migrating off FAST as support for the product drops off” said Michael McIntosh, VP of Search Technologies and lead author of the paper. “Solr is an open source technology that has matured and is certainly stable enough for commercial use” said Chris Miles, Senior Software Engineer and contributor to the paper. “We’re excited about this migration option for our customers, and we believe over the long run, it will save them a lot of money and give them greater control over their search engine.”

This heavily anticipated paper will assist companies and organizations in planning their own FAST ESP to Apache Solr migrations and alert them to tools and techniques that can help them achieve a relatively painless process.  Several large blue chip companies have expressed interest in the paper.  “We’ve had a healthy response to the paper” said Lynn.

Internal search engines differ from public search engines like Google or Bing, in that an internal search engine only searches for content inside the company’s firewall.  Google cannot access internal content, therefore companies use search technology to make their content ‘findable.’ “Companies want to keep internal information safe and private.  But they still need to find it” explained Lynn.  “That’s why they need search technology integrated into their organization’s system.”

For more information on search engines, product search, web portals and search engine migration, visit TNR’s main website.  To receive a free copy of the white paper, click here.

TNR Global, is a systems design and integration company focused on enterprise search and cloud computing solutions for publishing companies, news sites, web directories, academia, enterprise, and SaaS companies. TNR’s past clients include the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mass Art & Culture, InterNano, Innovara, and the Allegis Group. TNR Global is located at 245 Russell Street, Suite 10 in Hadley, Massachusetts. TNR Global serves clients throughout New England, nationally, and world-wide. Its offices are in Hadley and Greenfield, Massachusetts.